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Ipswitch WS_FTP Pro a good application for FTP uploads, user PC and web sites
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Ipswitch WS_FTP Pro is a powerful application for File Transfer Protocol (FTP) uploads and downloads from and to user PC and web sites.
As usual in these type of applications, the program opens two separated windows, the left one for the local site (web site at the user PC) and the other (right hand) for the web site in the Internet server the user can open. For a remote web site, user has to be authorized and use the necessary name and password.

To transfer files both ways (from user PC to web site, and viceversa), the application allows user to drag and drop files to the lists, for making easier the transfer processes.

The program shows thumbnails of the pictures for the user to see the graphical and image files and to resize them or manage them.

Also includes Backup Wizard for compressing and scheduling files for folders and files. The application enables the user to compare files between web sites and file synchronization.

The already installed Google, Copernic or Windows search tools, can be used to find local files and file contents in the FTP client server, and the search results can be transferred to a remote server by just a simple drag and drop operation. The application supports HTTP proxy firewall.

The program inserts commands into the context menus, so user can upload files with a right click on the file or folder, and by using the integrated Upload wizard. This Upload Wizard is a free (stand alone) application that can be launched from the main program.

The application offers the search capability for both the local web site and the remote FTP web site. User can locate files in any of the sides of the connection.

It also includes a backup wizard for compressing files and folders in zip format and to save them. They can be recovered between remote servers and even between local drive units.

Synchronization is another feature, ready for creating mirror directories and folders between the user PC and the remote FTP server, which enables user to maintain up to date the remote side, by automatically uploading files that have been changed, and deleting the files that have been removed from the local directory. The unchanged files are not transferred.

The application can be integrated to the user Internet browser, so it can be launched from the browser itself and invoke the files downloading that will be implemented by the application.

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